2011 Action List

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We had a discussion on the actions required by ILUGC in this new year, in the January Month Meeting.

The following are the details we received from the participants.

Have to conduct follow up sessions in the colleges

Training about IRC

Online training sessions via IRC

Workshops for Blender,GIMP and other multimedia Tools SciLAB, Octave, Sage like engineering Tools Linux From Scratch Diaspora Kernel Compiling

Conferences: FossConf Earning Money with FOSS

Sessions on more Schools FOSS Labs in Schools Explore SchoolOS with some schools Explore Gcompris like educational software

One Day Camp for Preparing FOSS LAB Manual for Anna University students

Faculty Development Programs for School Teachers and College Staff

Theme based Monthly Meetings Extra Meetings for Theme based topics

Programming Sessions on the monthly meetings

More content on the http://ilugc.in

Move the drupal login to another page.

Would "Free Software found in IT Infrastructure related elements" deserve a workshop?

Think of all the routers/zeroshell/pfsense ipsec (yuk? dunno..), Certificate servers, antispam etc. etc.

The storage elements The Compute nodes The serve nodes The management network The data network The power control network and the such...