Mentors for Panimalar Engg College Students

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Here is the list of volunteers who are willing to train the students in Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai

Trainers need to goto the college in person.

Date/Time can be fixed later.


  • Linux Basics
  • Programming with PHP
  • Programming with Perl
  • Programming with Ruby
  • Programming with Python
  • Web frameworks - CakePHP/Rails/Django

  • C/C++ programming with gcc
  • GUI development with GTK/QT [using c,c++ or python]
  • Kernel Programming
  • Network Programming

  • Version Control Systems - subversion,git,bzr

Trainer List

Name Email ID Skills for Tranining Notes
Baskar baskar910 AT gmail DOT com C,C++, php
Mandakini pkumar125 AT gmail DOT com PHP, Drupal I am interested and can spend 4 hours in a week. I have worked on more

then 50 projects using PHP and Drupal so it will great to share with students.

Balaji D Loganathan balajidl AT gmail DOT com Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ajax, JQuery, Web 2.0
Jeyanthan I jeyanthan AT gtugs DOT org Subversion I can spare any Friday for this.
Velappan V velappanv AT gmail DOT com Subversion,Programming in Python I can spare Saturday for this.
Santhosh Kumar S santho89 AT gmail DOT com PHP,MYSQL,ROR,GIT I can spare Saturday for this.
Mohamed Mahir (9444289450) mahir78 AT gmail DOT com PHP,MYSQL,Jquery,joomla (MVC Programming),drupal I can spend on weekdays too.
Vishnu Raj K vishnukraj007 AT gmail DOT com C, PHP I can spare any Sunday for this.