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Are you a student?

If you are a student and looking for doing a project. You are free to choose one of the projects from below list.

Even if the project is in started state, feel free to contact the idea owner and provide your contribution.


There are lakhs of Computer Students coming out of colleges every year. Most students buy projects or they do the same old railway registration/library management system. On the other side, there are tons of open source projects waiting for contribution. Let us encourage students to contribute to FOSS projects.

Please add your project idea below,


  • Request mentors to write down the ideas, not just external links
  • If you are setting the status to started . tell us started by who? who is doing it?

Project List

Topic Type Contact Status Student
Event Management system Web tshrinivasan AT gmail dot com started Praveen S

Predictive text entry with ibus Desktop? santhosh dot thottingal at gmail dot com RedHat team is working on this.
e-Gov 2.0 Stack for Public/Private Clouds Web gaurav dot paliwal1989 at gmail dot com Started
Linux Desktop Testing Project Desktop nagappan at gmail dot com Started
Mago Desktop nagappan at gmail dot com Started
Pseudo Video Streaming in Dspace Online Video Training baskar at linuxpert dot in Not yet started
India Bus Routes Mapping Project CrowdSrouced data collection / Routing Web application srik dot lak at gmail dot com Started
IVR Based Exam Results Management IVR / Speech system / Telecommunication malan dot in at gmail dot com Started
LibreOffice Enhancements Desktop tshrinivasan AT gmail dot com Not yet started
MS Exchange Calendar Sync for Thunderbird Desktop tshrinivasan AT gmail dot com Not yet started
Create Information awareness and sustainable living community model development using Crowdsourcing and Infographics Web kathiresanp AT gmail dot com Not yet started
Open source tool for easily managing packages on offline Debian based computers Desktop Email Started
Python based project management system Web velappanv AT gmail dot com In Discussion Ramprakash R

SchoolOS Installing GNU/Linux at every school feedback AT Started
Eduvid Web/HTML narendra AT Started
1WPS - One wikipedia per school Distro narendra AT Started
SVG-Edit for Desktop creating .deb package narendra AT Not yet Started
Port ekalappai to Linux Desktop (Involves c, c++, Qt) mugunth AT Not yet Started
Desktop Client to upload the documents to Desktop (Python, GTK or QT) tshrinivasan AT Not yet Started
OverView Presentation tool - FOSS Alternate to Desktop, Python, OpenGL, Quickly, GTK alanbell AT ubuntu DOT com Not yet started
Projects for Vidyasagar - assistive technology projects Desktop(Python) bama AT annauniv DOT edu, chorse AT gmail DOT com Started Students from CEG, Anna University
Concatenation of ogg audio files for phrasal pronunciation Why is it needed? sundarbecse at yahoo Proposed

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There are some other list of ideas too