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Hi. Want a talk in a topic of your interest in ILUGC monthly meets? Add the topic below!

(Anybody willing to give talk on these topics can contact coordinator off-list or send mail to the list)

  • Installing and basic Commands
  • Jython
  • Perl
  • Simple GUI programming using GTK.
  • OpenOffice Introduction
  • Network Security
  • Version Control Systems
  • Editing Mediawiki
  • JQuery
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Device Drivers Development
  • HTML5
  • Anonymous web ( TOR, Privoxy, I2P, FreeNet etc. )
  • OpenStack development
  • BIND9 configuration
  • F(L)OSS for teachers
  • F(L)OSS in e-governance
  • F(L)OSS in data center automation (Puppet, Chef, CfEngine, Func etc.)
  • Spinning / Remastering of Linux distro's
  • Open Source Health Stack (OpenEMR, OpenMRS, Tolven etc.)